Countif function in excel

Countif function in excel

Count if function in excel

In Microsoft Excel's blog, we will tell you about the CountIF function, Excel's CountIF function that counts the cells in the Excel sheet, according to Criteria.

Below are some examples to illustrate.

The first example

In the first example you can see that the CountIF function is used once in the formula we have used Criteria and on the other hand, the same Criteria is used by giving a cell reference.

The second example

In the second example, we have used Asterisk in Criteria, Asterisk refers to any type of text that formulas have counted all the cells as all the above cells contain text.

The third example

In the third example, you can see that we have set this formula to count as one at the end of the data in the cells but the question mark in it is according to the number of characters in the text.

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