If Formula in Excel

If Formula in Excel

If Formula in Excel

In Microsoft Excel's blog post we will tell you, Excel's IF function allows you to logically type any numbers and words. 

The result of this Excel IF function can be 2 first result, if true, the second result is false.

This function of Excel can be used in many ways.

The first example

First, in column A, as shown in the picture below, we have written some numbers.

And then we have an IF formula in column B, which checks which number is greater than 50, and then gives the result of the greater number, the higher and the other which is less.

The second example

Then here's a complicated formula for you that has the same IF function

In this, you can see that the second IF function is connected to the first IF function and returns multiple results by checking multiple logic, and it also has image help for your convenience.

When you use the Excel function you will also need logical operators, for your convenience they are also given below.

= equal to
> Greater than
>= greater than or equal to
< Less than
<= less than or equal to
<> not equal to

After understanding this Microsoft Excel formula or function, the following questions will be answered in the task.

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